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 Glittering metal glaze, glowing, very bright.

My master's degree involved research on the magic of luster in Mediterranean countries. A mysterious secret kept for many years originated in this region. I understood that I could transfer this ancient technique to modern technology and still preserve its magic and mystery.

About me

Tova Cohen

I’m a ceramist, living in a small community village over the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel.

I graduated from Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem and have a Master degree from Tel Aviv University where I explored the hidden secrets of Luster glazing in the Middle East since the 8th century AD to the 13th century.
This one of a kind technique is implemented in the products you see in my shop.

My dream of designing ceramic vessels which holds body care products started 20 years ago, as a student, when I designed one for AHAVA, an established Israeli bath and beauty care brand.

I love to indulge in high-quality care products since I was little and especially when it comes with well designed, aesthetic packaging and even more important that they are environmental friendly, a value which I also implement in my products.

I have a special and cozy studio where I teach adults and children sculpture and painting. Occasionally, I also have workshops of tourists and vacationers from around the world come to our lovely location in the Galilee heights.

You’re invited to tour my shop and also welcome to visit us in Israel :)

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